Why Should I Use Greene Giving?

Donors give through theĀ Greene County Community Foundation, d/b/a Greene Giving, for many reasons, such as grant-making expertise, financial benefits to donors, effective leadership, accountability, permanence, flexibility, simplicity, and the ability for donors to receive public recognition or to remain anonymous. These advantages work for donors.

Simply put and most important, the money that Greene Giving manages will “roll around” the County several times as charitable organizations put it to work. In other words, every dollar can help people, charitable organizations and businesses in Greene County more than once.

There are many opportunities for individuals, families, companies, and organizations to contribute through Greene Giving, through gifts of any size and of many types. Giving to one or more Greene Giving Accounts within Greene Giving is always encouraged, and that is important for growth of the Foundation. However, donors may wish to create a new Greene Giving Accounts to serve their personal interests or philanthropy.

There are many attractive methods to make current or deferred gifts. These offer the benefit of a current tax deduction in exchange for the commitment of assets at some later date, even after the lifetimes of donors.

While current gifting also provides immediate tax deductions these also allow donors the benefit of seeing immediate support to their selected charities.

If individuals are looking for the best way to help our region today and in the future, if ease of giving, service and tax benefits are considerations, the Greene County Community Foundation may well be the next step.

On average, net worth increases with age. In the United States, net worth rises from a modest $74,000 for families 35 and younger (head of household age) to more than $800,000 as families reach their mid-50s into early 60s. Then net worth begins to decline as earning power drops and assets are used in retirement and for health care.

By: Donald Harting, Flagel Huber Flagel,
Accountant and Resident of Greene County