One of the County’s Leading Philanthropists Dies

Elizabeth Studebaker,
Feature Writer

Xenia — Friends and family who mourn the passing of Ahler “A. J.” Earley, 98, Xenia, Monday afternoon at his residence, praise his generosity, calling him one of Greene County’s leading philanthropists.

According to Greene County Commissioner Rick Perales, “A. J. Earley is going to be remembered by family and friends as a real champion of the region, one who spread his kindness among large and small charitable causes.”

“He quietly supported many causes to benefit local projects,” said Herman Menapace a founder of the Greene County Community Foundation, d/b/a Greene Giving. His charitable donations found their way to a myriad of organizations, including the local hospital, and he remained so deeply devoted to Greene County in many different ways.” He served as a trustee at Greene Memorial Hospital from 1966-72, and was a member of the Board of Directors from 1972-74, serving on the building committee during that term.

Menapace continued, “He probably is the last of the leadership involved with converting the former Greene ‘County’ Memorial Hospital into the current modern health network. A. J. Earley was a dedicated, generous and sincere human being, and he is going to be missed by his friends.”

Former Greene County Commissioner Reed Madden, another Greene Giving founder, reflected, “A. J. Earley was a man who cared passionately about his community.” The lifelong Greene Countian was born June 9, 1910 in Xenia.

“A. J. Earley lived in a modest home,” remarked Kevin Wichman, a trusted advisor to A. J. Earley. “He always believed that he was fortunate to be in Greene County, where so many opportunities occurred for him.” Ed Marrinan, executive director of Greene Giving, added, “He felt it was his duty and obligation to help others especially those in need.”

A. J. and his family supported the Family Violence Prevention Center of Greene County and other charitable organizations as well as the Xenia Township Fire Department. To make certain the Earley Family’s giving did not “run dry” they took steps, through a gift to Greene Giving, to create the A. J. Earley Charitable Account. This special endowment that generated annual gifts to continue the giving for the Prevention Center and Xenia Township Department for ten consecutive years, starting in 2006, and a distribution of principal at the end of the time period.

“He liked being outdoors in the yard even during his later years, and he clearly loved knowing he had done something to help society.” Attorney John Finlay, part of the Greene County Community Improvement Corporation, added, “His bright personality flowed over to everyone.”

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