Types of Greene Giving Accounts

Greene Giving Accounts provide enduring support for charitable purposes.

The options are as follows:

Unrestricted Greene Giving Account The Account enables the Greene County Community Foundation, d/b/a Greene Giving, to respond to changing needs in order to enhance the quality of life. Gifts to an unrestricted Greene Giving Account provide increased grant-making opportunities for Greene Giving. Times and circumstances do change.

Field-Of-Interest Greene Giving Account The Philanthropy Committee recommends to the Board of Directors for Greene Giving where grants from Accounts are most needed within donors’ special areas of charitable interest. These can include family and health, public education, recreation and senior centers.

Committee or Donor-Advised Greene Giving Account Donors makes suggestions for distribution to specific qualified charitable organizations in the region, as well as across the nation. It often is an appropriate planning tool for fulfilling the philanthropic goals of the rich and those of modest means alike. The key is to understand what donors can and cannot do through Accounts.

Agency Endowment Greene Giving offers endowments which hold and manage assets for charitable organizations and other groups. Charities in Greene County can support their long-term objectives by creating endowments (family health and services agencies, arts and cultural organizations, and other regional groups).

Memorial or Tribute Greene Giving Account Contributions give donors, as well as their families, friends or organizations a way to preserve the memories of dear individuals and the good that flowed from their lives. Contributions may also be made to Accounts to celebrate or honor occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirements or a very special tribute.

By: Brittany O’Diam,
Attorney and Consultant to the Greene County Community Foundation